Happy Earth Day! Let’s Keep Our Ocean Healthy!

Happy Earth Day! One of my favorite days of the year. As some of you know… In one of my professions, I am a biologist and environmental scientist. I have always loved animals and the environment. I loved them both so much that I made a career out of protecting them. While I enjoy what I do very […]

Study: Fat Linked to Breast Cancer and a free copy of VegNews magazine!!!

So there was big news this week…. A major study was released linking the consumption of red meat to breast cancer. (They don’t mention the other cancers, heart disease, diabetes that can also  result, unfortunately, I’m sure that data will keep coming out). This study was supported by the National Cancer Institute and is huge news for […]

10 Reasons Why the Meat and Dairy Industry is Unsustainable

Like it or not, you can’t hide from the facts that eating animal products is becoming a massive problem for everyone on the planet. Here are 10 reasons why the meat and dairy industry is unsustainable: 1. Deforestation – Farm animals require considerably more land than crops to produce a given amount of food energy. In Central […]