Healthy Skoop – a Colorado Small Business Giveaway!!

I am delighted to offer this review and giveaway from the great folks at Healthy Skoop! As many of you know, through this blog, my coaching and vegan chef services I work to help people live their happiest, healthiest and most vibrant life. The reason I really like Healthy Skoop products is that they can help […]

Ethical Choices Program

I have exciting news! I am now a Humane Educator teaching students about healthy eating and ethical food choices at High Schools in Colorado!! The Ethical Choices Program is a non-profit organization that aims to empower high-school students to make thoughtful, responsible lifestyle decisions, which will be essential if our communities are to live harmoniously […]

Healthy Kitchen Tips

I recently listened to a webinar by Ocean and John Robbins who are pioneers in the “Food Revolution”, I jotted down some notes on the program and included a great recipe they provided. The tips below were helpful for me and hope they are for you too! I also included a few of my own tips. Remember your journey, whether it’s […]

Doctor says top causes of death in US can be stopped with vegan diet

Doctor Michael Greger isn’t quiet when it comes to criticizing meat-based diet. He’s an M.D. who has been vegan himself for 23 years and is known worldwide for his work in nutrition and disease prevention. Unlike most high-profile M.D.s, he is not a special surgeon or oncologist. He’s a general practitioner whose specialty is nutrition. He is also […]