3 Part Individual Vegan Lifestyle Coaching Packages: This package is great for beginners or those that just want to learn more about how to thrive as a happy, healthy vegan. These sessions can be conducted in person or remotely. $150 for the 3 part series. Please contact me at my email given below for more info!

Personalized Vegan Lifestyle Coaching Sessions: These sessions can be customized to help you in areas that you may be struggling with and can be conducted in person or remotely. Individualized pricing available, please email me:

Personalized Vegan Cooking Sessions: These sessions are customized to help you with anything that you may be struggling with and will help you learn how to prepare delicious and healthy vegan food.  If you live in the Denver area these can be done in your home.  Individualized pricing available and can be done remotely, please email me for more info:

Group Cooking Classes: Enjoy a wide variety of cooking classes suitable for all skill levels.  Individualized pricing available, please email for more info:

In Home Vegan Kitchen, Healthy Home, Vegan Closet Makeovers or Shopping Trips: Schedule an appointment with me to come help clean out your kitchen, your home care and cleaning products, or closet and take a shopping trip to learn how to shop for healthy, cruelty free products and while saving you money too! Individualized pricing available, please email me for more info:

Wellness & Yoga Retreat Vegan Chef: In addition to my cooking classes in Denver I am also available to be a guest vegan chef at wellness and yoga retreats across the United States.  If you run a retreat and are interested in my services please contact me at:

Personal Chef Services: If you live in the Greater Denver area and your looking for someone to help you make healthy, delicious vegan food please email me to hire me as your personal chef!

Humane Education Presentations through the Ethical Choices Program: Humane Education promotes respect and consideration for oneself and other living creatures by encouraging students to develop their best humane qualities such as compassion, a sense of justice and integrity. I offer 4 free presentations to high school classes on topics like: The Environment and Modern Agriculture, Healthful Eating, Factory Farming and The Ethics of Eating. Please contact me at 970-385-7838 if you would like to schedule a presentation at your school!

Recipe development:  Do you have an amazing product you’d like me to promote and create recipes out of? Please send me an email!

Brand Representation: I love to promote healthy, vegan, delicious, eco-friendly and innovative products and businesses in the community! Please email me if you would like me to represent your brand in person or through social media:

Food demonstrations: Do you have a health food store, library, festival, school, or other venue where you’d like me to speak or do a food demonstration? Contact me at:

Veganize it!  I love helping develop health promoting, earth friendly, compassionate and delicious food products! I can offer your food business or restaurants innovative ideas to help you veganize and improve the health of your menu. Please email if you would like more information:


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