Whole Health Club – The Gym With a Plant Based Kitchen!

Whole Health Club is a new concept in the health and fitness industry, one close to my heart. Their mission is to get people to make sustainable and lasting changes for their long term health, by eating lots of delicious healthy foods and integrating healthy lifestyle choices. The whole crew at Whole Health Club shares the same mission as I do, that’s why I wanted to tell readers all about them!

Sam Grantham and Chase Parker started Whole Health Club and the reason I think they are so cool is that they listen to the best nutrition data and that pass that info to their clients and the community.

Sam Whole Health

The partnership began when Chase introduced Sam to the book The China Study. Once he read that book and questioned the idea for a few more months, it became too obvious that he needed to live plant-based. He was your typical Midwest kid before that: the old high school athlete, The Jock, and eating whatever food he wanted, not knowing its impact on my health. “My interests, you could say, have always been aligned with running a business from setting up a fundraiser in school to raise money to two businesses started in high school and college: both small, fun, time-wasters, I’d say. It wasn’t until Whole Health Club that my brain became singularly focused on an idea that I believe could change the world.”


Whole Health Club was started for a couple of reasons; they saw that nothing affects health more powerfully than a whole foods, plant-based diet. They also knew there were a lot of resources that teach this idea. They thought to themselves, “How come the public hasn’t became aware of this incredible diet?” They realized that when people decide that they want to get healthy, they go to the gym. So why not combine the two most powerful things that can have an impact on your health? “You should be in a gym where you can learn to be active and in the kitchen where you can learn to eat the way humans are supposed to eat: a whole foods, plant-based diet.”


The mission of Whole Health Club is to make “healthy” simple. They do that because they believe in the research that shows its efficacy. A secondary part of their mission is to explain to people why gyms often don’t work. “And when I say that, I know gyms work for some people, but it’s important to note that since the 1950s, when the gym and workout craze began, we have only became more obese and diseased-riddled. I truly believe that gyms are designed as your first defense against being unhealthy, and if that’s the case then with so many gyms, you’d think we’d be a healthy nation. That’s the mission: We have to disrupt the gym industry” says Sam.


At Whole Health Club, they offer cooking classes, one-on-one personal training, and an open gym membership. Clients can also come and go as they would please like any other gym. More importantly, they offer evidence-based meal plans and lifestyle hacks to be able to live a truly healthy life.


“At Whole Health Club, you can get a gym that’s not going to follow whatever the most recent fad is. What you’re going to get as the only evidence-based gym that has multiple doctor endorsements across the country for the techniques they teach to get people healthy. You’re going to get a place that’s not going to base all of its success on weight loss. We base our success on someone becoming healthy.” Sam tells us.

Smoothie board

All Whole Health Club employees are exceptional in many ways. Not only are they are able to educate you on fitness in the gym, but they can also educate you on nutrition from a practical perspective. They can show you how to make meals, how to feed picky family members, and most importantly how to make it sustainable for you.


Austin Joseph is a trainer at Whole Health Club who truly goes above and beyond in every aspect of his life from his work habits, to the way treats his clients, to the way he researches so he can better himself every day.

Chase Parker is one of the founders of the company and is in relentless pursuit of making the world a healthy place. He’s always been someone that excels to the top-level whether it be playing football at Michigan State or being a strength coach there then at the University of Florida, or even owning his own private facility in Florida and now his second one in Colorado.


Paige Rogers is an incredible human being and also a founder. She is literally a jill-of-all-trades, if you will, from being able to educate people on self-care, fitness, nutrition, and yoga. No matter where Paige goes, she ends up being recognized for the love that she’s able to put out in the world. One of the best pieces of recognition she’s been given was being named one of the 33 people changing self-care by Essence Magazine.

Paige (2)

Kayla Jacob is the chef at Whole Health Club. She’s been with the company since the very beginning. Kayla is a classically trained chef. She received her education at Johnson & Wales. Kayla realized the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet in her own life and decided to stop at nothing to educate others on how to make not just healthy, but freaking tasty meals! She runs all of the cooking classes at Whole Health Club and is often also a private chef for clients, stocking their refrigerators with healthy meals.


And a little about the most exciting part about Whole Health Club…. The Kitchen!! They have a saying a Whole Health Club and it goes, “Only good gyms have kitchens, and only one gym has a kitchen. So I’ll let you do the math.” Says Sam. In their kitchen, Whole Health Club staff teaches a whole food, plant-based, no oil approach. The kitchen is set up with residential equipment as it allows clients to go back to their own kitchens and feel comfortable making the same meals they were able to learn in their kitchen.

Whole Health Kitchen

At Whole Health Club, they boil down their cooking classes to four major categories. First are 15-Minute Meals because we live in a very busy society with a lot going on. The most common excuse for health is, “I don’t have time!” So you can make a healthy meal in 15 minutes. You’ve got no excuse to be unhealthy. Second, is the weight loss class, of course. Why wouldn’t a gym have a weight loss class? The best part about it, however, is the way they teach that class and weight loss in general. It is a plant-based, calorie dense principle which simply means if you eat the foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories you can never eat too much. When clients join this class, they see how much food they can eat and still maintain their weight loss. Next they have cooking for a family because too often one member of the family wants to get healthy and then is alone and doing this by him or herself. At Whole Health Club, they’ve noticed that when we’re able to incorporate the rest of the family in eating this way, even if it is just a couple meals a week, that person’s success rate on their help journey is tremendous. Then they get the added bonus of their family getting a little healthier. The fourth class is what they call “Everything In Between.” This includes snacks, desserts, and any other time you’re not having a whole meal. Too often they help people learn to eat healthy meals and then tell them not to eat in between. On a plant-based diet, you can eat all day, every day (in between meals, late at night, etc.) as long as you’re consuming a whole foods plant-based diet.


The plans for the future of Whole Health Club are to bring facilities like this one to as many major markets as we can. One of the biggest things that’s going to allow us to do that is the 42 Day program. They’re currently working on making theirs proprietary. This program will allow anyone to start being a little bit healthier no matter if they’re a carnivore, no matter if they’re sedentary, or even if they’re already an active vegetarian. This program will show them all of the skills and answer all the questions they would have about how to eat and live a healthy whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. Once this program is down, they hope to be able to use it to grow the brand and add more facilities as well as partner with healthcare providers and educational systems to bring this program to them and benefit their students or patients.


The biggest tip Sam would like to share that will help people live a long, healthy, and active life is to start with living as much of a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle as you can. Stay active. Whatever your favorite way to move or exert energy is, do that, whether it’s hiking, walking, lifting, or running. And lastly, something Sam thinks is underestimated in society, self-care. Self-care has a lot of definitions; His business partner Paige has taught him a lot about that. Self-care can mean many different things to many different people. For Sam “self-care is reaching out and staying in touch with my loved ones and my friends and seeing a therapist to talk through problems, ambitions, and goals. To others it may be meditating and doing yoga every day.”


One of the most important things Sam wants the readers to know about Whole Health Club is that “We aren’t the vegan gym. You don’t have to be plant-based to work out or be a part of Whole Health Club. That being said, all of the techniques that we teach to get healthy involve eating more plants because that’s where the evidence is; that’s what can reverse heart disease. If they would like to be a part of Whole Health Club and happen to not live in Denver, we have an incredible online club they can join for just $10 a month. There’s also a 7-Day trial that’ll explain what they get with an online club membership.”

People can find Whole Health Club online, on Facebook, or on Instagram. They are very active on social media and love people following them and getting healthy. They’re located just south of Denver, and the best way to contact with them is through email or any of their social media channels.

You can find out all the details on their website:



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