Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day (A great day to celebrate ALL mothers) I would like to share one of my favorite recipes using vegan cheese!!


When you eat cheese and dairy you inflict pain and cruelty on baby calves and their mothers especially. It’s hard for me to write this knowing how many beautiful, gentle, kind animals are suffering right now because someone can’t give up cheese.


The reality is that many calves are born into this world to suffer. Dairy Farms artificially inseminate cows to impregnate them and when the baby calf is born it is torn from her so humans can drink her milk and put her back in the system to be used as a milk production machine. This creates much stress for both the mother and baby. How would you feel if this was done to you and your mother or your children?

IMG_9454The great news though is that some really wonderful vegan alternatives to both meat and diary do exist! Most of these are also really tasty too!


The abundance of vegan cheeses is really incredible now and readily available at most specialty grocery stores and even becoming more common at mainstream grocery stores. Using these cheeses you can make some really delicious recipes including this one!!

Vegan Pizza Quesadillas


IMG_0466They are super easy and quick! I make them often as an easy comfort food when I get home after a long day at work.

IMG_0429You can use all sorts of delicious veggies! My favorite is loads of spinach, black olives and mushrooms. Use whatever you like on your pizza!

IMG_0436And some vegan cheese! This is Daiya Cheese which is becoming more easily accessible at many supermarkets.

IMG_0440Chop and sautee your veggies in oil or a splash of water for about 5 mins until wilted and cooked.

IMG_0450Prep the tortilla by spreading about two tablespoons of pizza sauce on half of a tortilla, sprinkle enough of the sauteed vegetables (don’t load it up too much around a half cup of veggies is a good measure) to cover the pizza sauce, sprinkle with approximately one tablespoon of vegan cheese (or more if you like). Fold the empty side of the tortilla on the filled half to make a quesadilla. You can alter the proportions to suite your tastes but, this is a good guide.

IMG_0453Melt some vegan butter in a pan and cook the tortilla on both sides until it gets brown, just like you would a quesadilla.

IMG_0464Cut in half and serve! Very yummy!

We love and appreciate you Moms!!!! ❤ ALL Moms!! 🙂


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