Ethical Choices Program

I have exciting news! I am now a Humane Educator teaching students about healthy eating and ethical food choices at High Schools in Colorado!!

IMG_4864The Ethical Choices Program is a non-profit organization that aims to empower high-school students to make thoughtful, responsible lifestyle decisions, which will be essential if our communities are to live harmoniously and sustainably. This program looks at issues related to modern agriculture and its impact on the environment, our health, and animals. It challenges students to use critical thinking skills that are important in all walks of life. We believe that Humane Education promotes respect and consideration for oneself and other living creatures by encouraging students to develop their best humane qualities such as compassion, a sense of justice and integrity.

IMG_4850In order to encourage participation and critical thinking, we use several approaches (age-appropriate videos, activities and open-ended questions) that engage the students. We offer free presentations to public and private high schools. Science, Health, Family Consumer Science, Social Studies, Ethics classes and Environmental Clubs are among those that have benefited from our program. We offer 4 presentations on topics like: The Environment and Modern Agriculture, Healthful Eating, Factory Farming and The Ethics of Eating.

IMG_4869In the first 3 months of this year (January to March), the Humane Educators have given presentations to almost 6,000 teenagers across the United States and Canada, at 254 presentations. Our 31 Educators are charging full steam ahead spreading the message of compassionate, plant-based living to high schools, community colleges, universities, health fairs, veg fests and more.

IMG_4846The Ethical Choices Program believes that our best hope resides in raising a generation that represents the best of humanity and which has the knowledge, tools, and commitment to solve problems. You can visit our website,, if you would like to learn more about the program, instructors and mission. If you know any teachers who would be interested in having any of these presentations in your classroom, you can contact any of our fabulous Educators here:!blank/blygx



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