Healthy Plant Based Foods for Dogs

I’ve had a blast the last few weeks learning about and experimenting with healthy plant based recipes for dogs! I bought a fantastic new cookbook called “Plant Based Recipes for Dogs” and am delighted with it! My doggies are too! Plant based foods offer so many health and healing properties for humans; it makes sense that these foods would offer the same benefits to our furry friends too. With as sick as some dogs become later in life, I really feel that we should question what we feed our pets. A proper diet, full of healthy fruits and veggies gives our pets a better chance of staying happy and healthy long into their golden years.

A little about the book…. This informative lifestyle guide and vegan cookbook for dogs includes extensive information about foods that promote health and aid longevity, while explaining why feeding dogs commercial dog food is not just harming and compromising the health of our dogs, but is also devastating our planet. Plant Based Recipes for Dogs shows you exactly how to create nutritionally balanced meals that are sure to win over even the fussiest eater. This cookbook includes over 60 delicious nutritious recipes including treats, complete meals, fast food ideas, Kong® fillings, homemade remedies and much more. You will learn to make things like: Sweet Potato Chew Strips – Coconut & Pineapple Cookies – Peanut Pillow Bites – Apple & Ginger Balls – Parsley & Mint Breath Bones – Quinoa Protein Power Dinner – Buddha Bark Bowl – Mixed Bean Vegetable Salad – Pearl Barley & Lentil Dog Meal – Scrambled Tofu & Vegan Sausages!!

If you are interested in learning more about how to keep your dog happy and healthy for their lifetime, this book is worth a read! You can purchase Plant-Based Recipes for Dogs at

You can follow the author’s blog here as well:

Below are a few fun pictures of the delightful treats we made and those who enjoyed them!


Sweet Potato, Pineapple & Oat Treats


Someone is very excited for their delicious treats!!


Peanut Butter & Carrot Treats


More Peanut Butter & Carrot Treats with more veggies added!!! The options are endless! 🙂

IMG_9296Another satisfied customer!


These treats are also excellent gifts to give to the dog-lover in your life 🙂


Above is a super easy recipe for you to try!! Hope your doggies enjoy all the delicious benefits of healthy fruits and veggies!!

Additional free resources and some great recipes can be found at the following links as well:

Pumpkin Cranberry Dog Cookies

Say ‘No’ to Kibble: Vegan Dog-Food Recipe


4 thoughts on “Healthy Plant Based Foods for Dogs

  1. Wow thanks for posting! My dog is vegan and I’ve been feeding him half kibble (vegan) and half homemade. Mostly just sweet potatoes, veggies, quinoa or rice. Going to get the book to add some variety to his diet! thank you!

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