Merry Christmas! And Vegan Food Gift Ideas

Hello dear friends!

It has been a while since I’ve had the chance to get a post up. I’ve had a very busy and productive last few months teaching, working on recipes and working at my day job as well. One of the most exciting and delightfully fun classes I taught recently was a Vegan Food Gifts Class. As you can see from the photos we had a ton of fun! I taught my students how to make healthy vegan food that they can give as presents year round. I also always try to encourage people to reduce reuse recycle whenever they can and use things that you wouldn’t think of as ornaments, gifts, wrappers or even cards! The options are endless and so much fun! I was able to make enough of the gifts to share with friends and family and I also made some super yummy sweet potato dog treats (recipe below) that were a big hit with our furry friends. We also had a super fun Holiday Pop-Up Market in Denver and I was able to show people how they were prepared, encourage recycling and I sold a few too! Anyways, vegan food gifts are a present everyone loves throughout the year! There are tons of excellent recipes online and also books available for guidance as well, give them a try!


Me teaching away!

IMG_8801        IMG_8818

My students having a wonderful time!

IMG_8807        IMG_8804

We’re all having a blast making Vegan Food Gifts!!

IMG_8874       IMG_8880

Cheesy Sauce & Vegan Hot Cocoa Mix

IMG_8882       IMG_8886

Pancake Mix & Dal Soup Mix

IMG_8757           IMG_8869

Recycled glass jars turned into candle holders, recycled glass jars are also great places to store things like dried beans, grains, nuts and seeds. Just be sure they are clean and dried!


Angels made from recycled toilet paper tubes! I got this idea from Pinterest!

IMG_8889      IMG_8899

Dog Treat Mix and Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix sold with a 3D printed Cookie Cutter!

IMG_8853      IMG_8860

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Sweet potato treats are a super easy and cheap treat to make for your pets. They are also really healthy and have many health promoting, healing and anti-cancer properties. Most dogs love them as well!! (Well, most dogs that aren’t incredibly picky 🙂 )


  • Preheat oven to 200° F.
  • Clean / scrub the sweet potato, leave the skin on.
  • Cut up as many sweet potatoes as you’d like (I’d recommend starting with one or two, these will cook down) into thin slices and place them on a cookie sheet in a single layer
  • Bake in oven at 200° F for about 3 hours for slightly chewy treats or bake slightly longer to get them crunchy. Turn several times while cooking.
  • If desired, brush the slices with a little coconut oil until moistened towards the end of the cooking process and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon powder.

Note: timing will vary according to the thickness of your slices; just keep an eye on them. Or, better yet, if you have a dehydrator, pop them in there instead of the oven. These treats are perishable, store them in your refrigerator or freezer.

IMG_8932           IMG_8900

Pictures of our Holiday Pop Up Market

IMG_8907          IMG_8922

My awesome friends from Nooch Vegan Market and The Compassionate Closet in Denver, Co at our Holiday Pop-Up Market!

Happy Holidays to you and yours and hope that you have a healthy and prosperous New Year! See you soon!

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