Earth Cures – Natural Remedies

Earth Cures is a wonderful little home-grown company (literally). Earth Cures creates and sells an herbal alternative to pharmaceuticals and lucky for me, I have started working with them! Earth Cures is a woman owned business that believes in nurturing the whole person; body, mind and spirit and is located at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Becky Anderson, Earth Cures creator and president, has degrees as a Master Clinical Herbalist, Aroma Therapist, and an Associate’s Degree in the Culinary Arts. By combining her expertise in these areas and knowledge of local herbs, she has created a full line of healing and health supporting products. Her natural remedies are all hand-made with locally harvested herbs from Colorado, earth-friendly, vegan and made with love.


The reason I am so excited about Earth Cures is that Becky’s mission aligns so closely with mine; encouraging health and healing for ourselves, animals and the planet. Becky believes the earth can cure us but it is important that we also cure the earth.

Earth Cures works with Pikes Peak Urban Garden PPUG to grow organic herbs to be used in Earth Cures remedies. Becky, Earth Cures owner has a relationship with PPUG and is able to visit soil before the seeds are planted; she also visits, talks and prays with the plants during the growing process.


Becky formulates her Glycerites (which are like tinctures, only alcohol-free) in vegetable glycerin and apple cider vinegar because it is generally safe for the whole family, including your pets. Glycerites are taken internally for a variety of  health concerns including;  allergies, asthma, anxiety, arthritis, colic, colds and flus, depression, gout, headaches, fungi, low sex drive, kidney stones, menopause symptoms, pain and pms. You can purchase Glycerites that boost your immune system, boost your energy, boost heart health, help your body detox, and will help you get a better night’s rest. Also available are herbal salves that are to be used externally for such aliments as eczema, cuts and scrapes.  Lip Love (for your lips) is made with only three ingredients.  Teas for Pink Eye (used externally) or for Detox.  Earth Cures also makes Ear Drops.  Did I mention that all products are vegan and family friendly including your pets?


Becky teaches several classes throughout the year in Colorado Springs. This summer some of the classes will be; Herbs in Downtown, how to make an herbal tincture, how to make an essential oil salve and a hike around the garden where Earth Cures herbs are grown and shown how to harvest and cure herbs for the end of the season. Please check for class dates and time. Becky will be posting these in mid May.


You can peruse Becky’s products at her website and purchase from her online store: Becky is also available to consult with you on any health issues you are struggling with or let you know a bit more about some of her products that may benefit you, she can be reached at:

Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence. ~Mourning Dove Salish

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