Rouxbe Cooking School – Online Plant-Based Course

I’m currently enrolled in an online Plant-Based (Vegan) Chef Certificate program and really enjoying it. I thought it might be nice to share with readers as it has been really, really helpful for me on my Vegan Journey. A whole new world has opened up to me and I have made such great connections with my cooking, this course has also helped me answer many of the cooking and food related questions I have had for years.


From Rouxbe’s website: Led by world-renowned plant-based chef educator Chad Sarno, this ground-breaking certification course is the most comprehensive plant-based course ever put together. Rouxbe is teaching an ARMY of plant-based educators to take the world by storm.

This course is good for people who wish to become a chef on a professional level but would also be great for home cooks as well. It is also great for people in the nutrition and health education field. The thing I really like about this course is my instructors have, number one, all been wonderful, the content and videos are professional and very well done and the convenience of an online program helps me learn everything I need to know in a very cost-effective and convenient way. I complete all my coursework on the weekends or in the evenings, as I am able, and also have great email support if needed as well as live interactive events. In an online format, Rouxbe is also able to bring in experts for video chats and these have been fantastic and are a great way to learn from nutritionists, professional chefs, even doctors!

I would warn everyone to be sure that you can devote at minimum 5 hours a week for 6 months, it can get pretty intense with your recipe preparation. Be aware that this is not a simple course and is designed for people who are pretty serious about plant-based cuisine and preparation. You will work! But it will be will worth it, I have learned so much from the basics to the more in-depth guidance of plant-based cuisine. Just a few of the many things I have learned include; basics of properly cooking veggies, beans, pastas and grains, using plant-based proteins, making plant-based creams and milks, healthy sweets and desserts, raw food preparation, recipe development and my favorite, in particular, includes some of the health and healing principles of plant-based eating. We also touch on dietary concerns including; gluten free and oil free cooking.

Just a sampling of just a few of the amazing dishes I am learning to prepare with Rouxbe’s help 🙂

Rouxbe Collage

Here you have: Butternut Squash Risotto, Tuna-less Tuna salad, a One Pot meal and Pasta Carbonara (all Vegan! and Plant-Based)

Rouxbe Fish Tacos
Vegan Fish Tacos


Vegan Pho Broth

Rouxbe Pho

Vegan Pho

You can see the full syllabus, photos, FAQs, tuition information, etc at the link I have given below. And right now, the course is on sale. The price will go back up to regular on Dec 5th. The next offering starts is Feb 5th. There are lots of great deals and coupons available if you do some poking around and a little research the course. You can also sign up for a 7 day trial to get a feel for the course and see if it’s something that may be right for you. I do  highly recommend it! I will share some more pics of my creations in upcoming posts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rouxbe Cooking School – Online Plant-Based Course

  1. A lovely description of your course! I recently attended Mark Renfeild’s VeganFusion 10-day immersion. Such a great learning too. Here’s to some happy kitchen time!

    • Thanks Lynn! 🙂 I did Mark’s five day in Colorado a few weeks ago, I am posting the write-up next week. It was a wonderful experience!! By the way…. I am a VLCE too! And, yes… having so much fun in the kitchen 🙂

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