Jen Meyer Art

I attended a fabulous art show and vegan wine and cheese tasting a few months ago, where I met the brilliant Jen Meyer. I absolutely fell in love with her art and compassionate message, so I thought I should share it. I purchased the sweet little piggy below and it is just one of the sweetest most special pieces I have or have seen! Jen was living in Colorado Springs but has now moved to San Francisco, where I’m sure she will be most successful. Thank you to Jen for taking the time to speak with us, we appreciate the work you do for animals through your art!

What is your background and how did you become an artist?

This question could lead to a book! I’ve just moved from Colorado to the San Francisco Bay area a few weeks ago. My husband took a job out here and we have been wanting to explore the West Coast for years now.

As a kid we moved a lot because my Dad was an engineer working with government-contracting type jobs that usually end within a year or two. As an adult, for the majority of the time, my husband worked from home as a designer so we could live anywhere – we took advantage of this by living by family and exploring other parts of the country.

imageHow I became an artist…

I always have been creating since I was a child, whether painting with watercolors or coloring on my grandmother’s furniture. 😉 I’ve worked at many different jobs before I decided to be an artist full-time. I had a lot of help and support from my husband who is my ultimate fan. My parents always told me to do what I love and my entire family is very supportive. Once, when I was going through a doubting time and my best friend said to me…’How can you not be an artist anymore? That is what you are.’ Those words have stuck with me ever since.


Tell us a little about your art and what is your favorite piece?

My art is always changing as I change. I like to infuse animals into most of my work because I like giving them a sense of “humanness” so people can relate better to them. Sometimes I’m enamored by the designs of antique items that have changed the world, like cameras and typewriters. Right now I’m on an abstract painting kick. I’ve been losing myself in color and vagueness. This is my favorite piece as of today:


What inspires you?

Color, animals, the people around me, energy, music, other artists, performances, nature, hidden knowledge, trends, dreams, travel.


Why did you decide to work with animals and incorporate them into your work?

My husband and I both had a transformation when we became vegan about 4 years ago.
So naturally that life changing decision to look at animals differently (not as food anymore) has leaked into my work.


What is something you would like to share with the community? 

I hope to inspire compassion in others for animals by showcasing animal’s beauty and what i think is an individual personality in each animal.


What have been your successes?

Realizing that it is my choice to do what I want to do with my life. Also getting my work featured in art galleries and shops from Miami to New England to Portland, Oregon. I never dreamed my work would be available in so many places – I’ve even sold pieces in Australia and Japan!


Photo credit: Michael Winters at Nahcotta Gallery ( and,-Jen.aspx)

Do you ever do benefits?

Yes. The last benefit I participated in was for Mary’s Home in Colorado Springs, which is a home for single moms who need some help getting on their feet. I’ve done other fundraisers for The Wild Places Horse Sanctuary, even though not specifically with art. I even adopted a dog from there! And I plan to get more involved with some local places in the Bay area now. I’m always open to requests from animal sanctuaries, especially for farm animals.


What are your future plans and what will you be working on?

As of right now, I’m getting back into my normal flow of creating in my new space here in CA. I may have something coming up with a major retailer soon, but can’t give any more details as of yet. So keep an eye out and check back with me. Lots of exciting things going on!

You can find more about Jen here:



and for shopping the store is here:

and some of my originals are for sale at Nahcotta here:,-Jen.aspx

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