Happy Earth Day!

For many of us Earth Day is every day. I am a Biologist and Environmental Specialist and very lucky to work in a career field where I can make a positive impact for the Environment by keeping pollution out of creeks and streams, cleaning up contaminated sites and teaching the public the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. Many of us already know the tips below about helping the earth everyday but wanted to share them in honor of Earth Day as a reminder:


  • Adopt a plant-based diet (we will discuss the many benefits of this in future postings)
  • Adopt a diet of local foods (shop at farmer’s markets, grow your own food, start a garden)
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (the key here is Reduce!)
  • Recycle your appliances and electronics (when you have done your best to fix them) with a socially conscious recycler
  • Compost
  • Help build and participate in your community
  • Use native plants and xeriscape in your landscaping
  • Create a rain garden and consider wildlife friendly landscaping (help the pollinators)
  • Use environmentally friendly and cruelty free cleaning products and cosmetics
  • Turn off the TV! and other appliances when not in use. Go outside and exercise instead!
  • Reduce water use (fix leaky faucets)
  • Go organic! Eliminate or limit herbicide and pesticides
  • Be a role model for others
  • Make art from recyclables
  • Hang your laundry
  • Stop junk mail
  • Buy in bulk
  • Get a home energy audit
  • Turn off the lights!
  • Go Green! (purchase wind and solar energy)
  • Clean up trash in your community
  • Donate your old clothing, cars and household equipment
  • Dispose of pharmaceuticals properly
  • Disposed of mercury containing products correctly
  • Protect groundwater!
  • Carpool
  • Telecommute
  • Service your car as recommended and check your tire pressure
  • Use a reusable shopping bag
  • Take a reusable mug or cup with you wherever you go to reduce your waste
  • Support local businesses
  • Sign petitions
  • Vote!
  • Donate
  • Pay bills online
  • Volunteer with environmental organizations
  • Walk or bike more
  • Learn more (educate yourself on environmental issues, water is one of the most precious resources we have and is in a lot of danger, this is the water you drink!)
  • Support local environmentally themed events (For example, I am attending an Engineers without Borders fundraiser this week)
  • Teach more (work with kids)
  • Watch out for unsustainable Palm Oil in products
  • Think about Global Environmental issues, not just what’s happening in your community
  • Use a programmable thermostat (they connect to modem like a smart TV) and you can keep house cool while you are in bed, have your heat turn on in the morning before you get up etc. Also while on vacation you can control it remotely.
  • Buy gently used high quality items at your local building parts store (buy recycled, clothes from consignment!)
  • Be creative when you make home improvements, think of ways you can limit waste
  • Take your Household Hazardous Waste to collection events or to a Collection Point. Many facilities will make what you turn in and no longer need available for others to take. Also, look for products here; cleaners, paints, etc. This can save you money as well!
  • Go to the Car Wash and never dump anything down Storm drains!
  • Update your home with Energy Efficient appliances and water saving faucets.
  • Get online with your utility company and see all the tools they now have. You can now see your daily use of electric, gas & water online with many Utility companies.
  • And finally try this….  20 days of Change – do one thing a day? Maybe make it 30 days of Change! Then repeat 🙂

And finally another wonderful Care 2 Article:


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