The Wonders of Cauliflower

When I was a kid we used to make this recipe that some may call “trailer park food” with cheez whiz, instant rice, mushroom soup and broccoli. It was really good and great to take to parties. Even though people would chuckle at how “trashy” it was, everyone usually liked it and wanted the recipe. This recipe below is a healthier version of the ever popular “trailer park casserole”. It’s not quite the same as what we used to make with the cheez whiz,  but like most vegan recipes, is relies on all of the wonderful veggies, herbs and spices to give it a unique and yummy flavor. It also has quite a few different colored veggies, don’t forget to eat your daily rainbow! It too, would be good to take to parties…. I made it for some friends that just had a baby.


I found the recipe here:

And while we are on the subject of super, fabulous cauliflower (which has amazing nutritional benefit) …..have you seen the Cooking Channel’s “How To Live To 100”? It’s pretty darn good and full of a lot of great information and fun recipes:

You can stream episodes here as well. Check out “Going Back to Cauli” for more fun cauliflower recipes and facts.

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