Be Cruelty Free

Why is it important to choose cruelty free products and question where what you buy comes from? Thousands of rabbits, mice and guinea pigs are put through cruel and inhumane procedures — all for the sake of testing personal care products like makeup, shaving cream and toothpaste. This is unnecessary! You many be blinding, maiming or causing severe pain to a helpless animal without even knowing it if you use shampoo, moisturizer or any other cosmetic that’s been tested on animals. 


Beauty products can be produced without the needlessly harmful step of testing on animals. Humane and safe cosmetics can be made using the thousands of existing ingredients, and several non-animal safety tests are already available for new ingredients. These non-animal alternatives can be cheaper, faster and more relevant to humans, and therefore more reliable at predicting safety. 

Take a look at this:

Be Cruelty Free Graphic

While you are at it, please send a quick note to your representative encouraging them to Support the Humane Cosmetics Act:

Send a letter to you representative

Another tip… when you shop be sure to look for the Cruelty Free logo, lets do all we can to make animal testing a thing of the past. In many countries testing has already been phased out.

A great way to buy vegan products is online, here is a great resource for all things cruelty free:

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